15 Goals of Australian Real Progressives

As we said yesterday, it’s about issues, not the cult of personality or cult of party partisanship.  Any politician or party that moves towards one or more of our goals will receive our support.


1. A Federal Job Guarantee to act as a safety net – an end to underemployment and insecure employment. The FJG also serves as a superior stabilisation and counter-inflationary mechanism, if it is designed appropriately;

2. An explicit target to reduce inequality by providing Housing Security, Energy Security, Food Security, Social & Retirement Security, Health Security, Childcare Security and Job Security and Communication Security (telecommunications: phone, mobile, Internet);

3. Major public housing investments and re-orientating the housing market to prioritize owner-occupiers over speculative property investments;

4. Increasing and extending the state pension;

5. Zero fee training and higher education;

6. Cancellation of student debt;

7. A Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), charged with anticipating and planning for changes in regional economies, providing input into an industrial policy aimed at maintaining similar jobs;

8. A re-regulated banking system;

9. A rethinking of fiscal and monetary policy an explicit reliance on fiscal policy for stabilisation, supported by the FJG.

10. Massive public investment in renewables;

11. Phasing out of coal, but with a just transition for workers (see FJG);

12. Construction of fast rail between all eastern capital cities;

13. Major investment in public transport;

14. A rapid transition to electric vehicles; and

15. A regulation-based, and public-ownership based, approach to a much more rapid reduction in carbon emissions

All these together help Australians improve their Well-being, Inclusion and Social and Emotional engagement with other Australians.  It balances, enhances and restores the Australian principle of mateship and the fair go.  It is a WISE idea.