16 Goals of Australian Real Progressives: UPDATED

Any politician or party that moves towards one or more of our goals will receive our support.


1. A Federal Job Guarantee to act as a safety net – an end to underemployment and insecure employment. The FJG also serves as a superior stabilisation and counter-inflationary mechanism, if it is designed appropriately;

2. An explicit target to reduce inequality by providing Housing Security, Energy Security, Food Security, Social & Retirement Security, Health Security, Childcare Security and Job Security and Communication Security (telecommunications: phone, mobile, Internet);

3. Major public housing investments and re-orientating the housing market to prioritize owner-occupiers over speculative property investments;

4. Increasing and extending the state pension;

5. Zero fee training and higher education;

6. Cancellation of student debt;

7. A Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), charged with anticipating and planning for changes in regional economies, providing input into an industrial policy aimed at maintaining similar jobs;

8. A re-regulated banking system;

9. A rethinking of fiscal and monetary policy an explicit reliance on fiscal policy for stabilisation, supported by the FJG.

10. Massive public investment in renewables;

11. Phasing out of coal, but with a just transition for workers (see FJG);

12. Construction of fast rail between all eastern capital cities;

13. Major investment in public transport;

14. A rapid transition to electric vehicles; and

15. A regulation-based, and public-ownership based, approach to a much more rapid reduction in carbon emissions

16. Enshrining First Nations Voices according to the Uluru Statement from the Heart recognising their Sovereignty, a Makarrata (Treaty) commission and Truth-telling process and empower Aboriginal people to manage their own affairs through constitutional or legislative reform

All these together help Australians improve their Well-being, Inclusion and Social and Emotional engagement with other Australians.  It balances, enhances and restores the Australian principle of mateship and the fair go.  It is a WISE idea.

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