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Welcome to the Year of Modern Monetary Theory

The year 2020 is gone.  In Australia, on average more than one article in finance, media or on popular blogs about MMT appeared every day of the year.

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We had Alan Kohler (financial journalist), James Culham (Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ) and  Emma Alberici (ex-ABC economics correspondent) come to somewhat of an understanding with MMT.  John Quiggin (economist) review the Modern Money textbook, Nick Gruen (economist) outline it correctly on a podcast.  RBA Governors past and present (see Gallery above) comment on Modern Monetary Theory – even appearing in the senate select standing committee of economics.  It has had many runs in both the Australian Financial Review, The Australian and other media outlets.

Here’s hoping the trend continues. 🍷

Everything is Paid For in Real Terms

Hopefully, you have learned something over the month of April. If we the people can see a problem, an issue, and can come up with a solution, the only question is how do we get the resources to accomplish it.

From a modern money nation like Australia, the debt and deficit are arbitrary numbers decided between the actions of the government and the people.  It’s not the dollars that matter but the idle resources whether that be people, equipment, and/or natural and other resources.

Perceive, Conceive, Achieve.

We can see this in government responses around the world to the Corona Virus.